PURPOSE: The purpose of this PowerPoint course is to inform and train people who prepare food in retail food establishments, school foodservice units, health care units, etc. about the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and how to utilize this knowledge to prepare food safely. (The course is taught onsite by special arrangement)

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Food establishment and food market employees who handle and serve food.

TOPICS: During class time, the instructor discusses the issues of HACCP and food safety as related to the following areas of concern:

Preparing for work:
• Reporting illness
• Personal hygiene
• Grooming for work

Safety procedures for:
• Washing hands and fingertips
• Receiving food
• Cold food
• Pre-preparation of food
• Washing fruits and vegetables
• Cooking-pasteurization
• Hot holding of food
• Serving food
• Take-out and deli food
• Cooling food

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Participants will be able to maintain personal hygiene and perform food handling and serving tasks in ways that will prevent / reduce the possibility of foodborne-illness-causing microorganisms, chemicals, and hard foreign objects contaminating the food that is purchased and consumed by customers.

COURSE MATERIALS: Participants will receive a printout of the PowerPoint slide presentation and a 4-page handout summarizing the most common problems, concerns, and controls involved in food preparation for retail outlets and foodservice units.

COURSE LOCATION: You can arrange to have HITM teach this course to your employees.  Contact HITM  to discuss time, location, and cost to you.

COURSE HOURS: Offers 2 CEUs or 2 contact hours.

COST OF COURSE AND MATERIALS:  $50.00 per person, minimum 8 people (or $400.00)

MATERIALS ONLY:  The handout (text with PowerPoint slide images with 4-page policies manual (English and Spanish) is $7.50.  The policies manual only is available on the HITM webite (click here).  Please contact HITM to order.