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PURPOSE: This 16-hour, two-day course trains managers and chefs to identify the food hazards and to verify that controls are effective in a retail food operation. It is designed for those who want to write HACCP recipes and learn how to establish a HACCP-based Total Quality Management (TQM) food safety program for increasingly safer employee procedures. This course meets and exceeds basic requirements for city and state food manager certification ordinances and meets the requirements of Minnesota's food manager certification program.

A SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT THIS COURSE: While the 1901 courses are fully compatible with the FDA Food Code regulatory standards and covers government food safety requirements, it must be noted that many of the FDA standards are not validated in kitchens and may not be adequate to control the real hazards. Course materials and safety standards are based on proven operating procedures and referenced scientific publications in food science. The text is continually updated with the latest scientific data on the control of hazards in food. In cases where government information is incomplete, it provides complete technical control information to ensure safety. 1901 also provides detailed information on how to write HACCP recipes and implement HACCP-TQM self-control. This allows students to meet the national FDA recommendations for HACCP self-control certification and for the "Person In Charge" as described in the FDA Food Code.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Food establishment and food market personnel, owners, and operators who wish to establish zero food liability cost programs.


• Hazard analysis and critical control procedures: the basis for zero customer complaints and liability
• Controlling food process hazards
• Operating and maintaining a sanitary facility
• Food safety process microbiology
• Developing hazard-controlled, quality-assured food processing procedures; recipe HACCP; menu HACCP
• Implementing a Total Quality Management (TQM) program through a HACCP-based food safety policies, procedures, and standards manual


• Identify hazards that cause foodborne illness and controls that ensure food safety.
• Document safe procedures in written policies, procedures, and standards.
• Train employees to do tasks correctly.
• Enforce your food safety policies, procedures, and standards.
• Develop safe food processes, including chilled, sous vide, and vacuum-packed products.
• Ensure quality in cooking and serving food using the best technical means.
• Write hazard-controlled, quality-assured food preparation procedures; recipe HACCP; menu HACCP.
• Implement a HACCP-based TQM program.

COURSE MATERIALS: Participants will receive the course manual and policies, procedures, and standards manual, a fingernail brush, a laminated safe hand washing poster, and a laminated temperature guide for foodservice food processing procedures.

TEST:  The test is Experior Assessments' Certification Professional Food Manager exam.  Please bring a picture I.D. and Social Security number to take this test.

COURSE HOURS: 1) offers 16 CEUs or 16 contact hours, 2) 2 days in length, 3) class hours 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

COURSE AUTHOR / INSTRUCTOR AND LOCATION: O. Peter Snyder, Jr., Ph.D., President: Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management (HITM); 670 Transfer Road, Suite 21A; St. Paul, MN 55114; TEL 651 646 7077; FAX 651 646 5984; e-mail:



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