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PURPOSE: This 8-hour course (and text) serves as a certification course for Minnesota food operators who are interested in the basic knowledge necessary for compliance with Minnesota’s food safety rules.  This course also teaches hazard identification and control to those employees who must demonstrate food safety knowledge to the regulatory authority.

ABOUT THE COURSE FORMAT: The 135-page text is illustrated to correspond with slides that aid in teaching the course. It is divided into one-page modules.

WHO SHOULD TAKE THE COURSE: Minnesota food managers who need certification or recertification, managers who want basic food safety information, and retail food establishment employees who handle and serve food.


• Recognizing foodborne illness hazards
• Illness-causing microorganisms (i.e., bacteria, viruses, parasites, molds)
• Safe hand washing
• Adequate personal hygiene
• Safety-assured food times and temperatures
• How to cool food to 41F in less than 6 hours
• HACCP recipes
• Safe food preparation and hot holding
• Proper thermometer care, calibration, and use
• Cleaning and sanitizing techniques
• Correct storage techniques.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Managers will be able to teach their employees, and employees will learn, to maintain personal hygiene and perform food handling and serving tasks in ways that will prevent / reduce the possibility of foodborne-illness-causing microorganisms, chemicals, and hard foreign objects contaminating the food that is purchased and consumed by customers.

TEST:  The test is Experior Assessments’ Certification Professional Food Manager exam.  Please bring a picture I.D. and Social Security number to take this test.

COURSE LOCATION: Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management.  You can arrange to have HITM teach this course to your managers and/or employees.  Please contact HITM to discuss time, location, and cost to you.

2011 course dates for 1908 certification class:  MONTHLY:  January 12, February 9; March 9;  April 13, May 11; June 8; July 13 August 10; September 14; October 12; November 9; December 14

Offers 8 CEUs or 8 contact hours.

COST OF COURSE AND MATERIALS:  $160 per person; text provided (prepayment discount option available — contact HITM)

COST OF TEXT ONLY:  $40 each.

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ITM’s food manager recertification class
Basic food safety manager recertification for the state of Minnesota is 4 hours.
HITM’s course, Establishing AMC-HACCP in Retail Food Operations (1904), will satisfy Minnesota’s requirement for recertification.

2011 course dates:  MONTHLY:  January 13; February 10; March 10; April 14; May 12; June 9; July 14; August 11; September 15; October 13, November 10; December 15

PURPOSE:  This 4-hour recertification course for Minnesota retail food personnel updates employees and managers in hazard identification and control.
The course informs personnel about current hazards in food preparation and explains the science behind validated food preparation procedures and standards that, when followed, assure that hazards are controlled and customers are never made ill.  It teaches managers how to have continuous safety improvement.
The foodservice employee doing food preparation tasks is the critical control point for ensuring safe food.  Managers are legally responsible for their employee training and having safety control programs in order to guarantee that the food served to customers is always safe.  The employee, using correct food handling knowledge provided by the manager, can ensure that foodborne illness hazards have been avoided.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  Persons completing the course will have the latest information on HACCP, personal hygiene, etc., and will be able to demonstrate food handling and serving tasks in ways that will prevent / reduce the possibility of foodborne-illness-causing microorganisms, chemicals, and hard foreign objects contaminating the food that is consumed by customers.
COURSE FORMAT:  The material is taught from overheads, a set of which is given to each student.  Students also are taught how to implement a HACCP operations manual and have continuous improvement.
WHO SHOULD TAKE THE COURSE:  Minnesota food managers who need recertification and retail food establishment food department supervisors who also train and coach employees to improve.
• The need for HACCP in a unit; the risk of illness
• Foodborne illness vegetative cells, spores, and control
• Chemical and particulate hazards
• Personal hygiene and employee food handling procedures
• Temperatures, measurement, cooling, and control
• Cleaning and sanitizing
• Food production and storage
• Establishing / updating your HACCP / food safety program

COST OF COURSE AND MATERIALS:  $80 per person; materials provided (prepayment discount option available — contact HITM)