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PURPOSE: This advanced, intensive HACCP-based food processing safety assurance training course prepares directors of quality assurance, state food safety regulators, and trainers to develop, evaluate, and certify the safety of retail food operating systems. It instructs the retail food industry to safely implement and expand chilled food systems, to include sous vide, using HACCP as the foundation for a Total Quality Management Program. The course provides the necessary basic education in:

• Total Quality Management (TQM)
• Statistical Process Control (SPC)
• Systems analysis
• Personnel behavioral control
• Spoilage and safety microbiological, chemical, and hard foreign object control
• Process analysis and design
• Process certification
• Equipment and facility capacity analysis
• Sensory management of shelf life
• Supplier certification
• Writing a company HACCP-TQM manual.


• Food operators who are, or will be operating central food processing facilities
• Government officials who must inspect and approve HACCP-based operations
• Educators who teach HACCP-based industry self-control to food managers and employees
• Food suppliers who want to establish safety and quality self-control so that they can certify their products to their customers
• Facility designers 
• Equipment suppliers


• The Food System
• Food Hazards
• Systems Analysis
• Systems Controls
• Process Microbiology
• Process Development
• Packaging 
• Total Quality Management


• Develop an overview of HACCP-based Total Quality Management
• Use Statistical Process Control in food production
• Know all microbiological food hazards
• Establish microbiological hazard and safety standards
• Know the chemical and hard foreign object hazards in food
• Develop zero-risk processes 
• Establish time-temperature process controls
• Specify pasteurization process standards necessary for chilled food systems
• Specify refrigeration/freezer/storage temperatures and conditions
• Establish a QA lab
• Establish and control a pathogen-free environment
• Develop and use quality improvement criteria
• Certify a Total Quality Management Program

COURSE MATERIALS: Participants will receive the course manual and Microbiological HACCP Database, a fingernail brush, a laminated safe hand washing poster, and a laminated temperature guide for foodservice food processing procedures.

COURSE HOURS: 1) offers 40 CEUs or 40 contact hours, 2) 5 days in length (M-F), 3) class hours 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

COST OF COURSE AND MATERIALS:  $1,800 per person.


COURSE AUTHOR / INSTRUCTOR AND LOCATION: O. Peter Snyder, Jr., Ph.D., President; Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management (HITM); 670 Transfer Road, Suite 21A; St. Paul, MN 55114; TEL 651 646 7077; FAX 651 646 5984; e-mail:

2010 CLASS DATES:   May 3-7; November 1-5

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