More than ever, hospitality operators are realizing that satisfying customers with zero defects in terms of customer needs, wants, and expectations is the key to market success.  The Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management (HITM) is a food science-based company for the retail food industry dedicated to:
  • Educating all levels of personnel in HACCP-TQM principles and practices for the implementation of HACCP-TQM programs
  • Carrying out and publishing scientific research to improve employee performance and provide safe, customer-satisfying food and service efficiently and profitably
  • Providing consulting for the retail food industry; communicating with and educating regulatory agencies about current food safety problems

  • providing expert witness service in cases of foodborne illness litigation.

    HITM's mission is to assist you in making your business and career successful.  HITM was founded to provide research, education, and on-site assistance to retail food professionals.  HITM strives to help food operators through TQM to evolve to a greater degree of certainty in meeting customer, management, and regulatory expectations while increasing operating efficiency and effectiveness.

    HITM can provide:
    1.  Correct technical, personnel, and management system knowledge so that you can:

  • Make your organization a high performer
  • Reduce costs of waste and liability
  • Continually improve productivity
  • Empower employees to be the foundation of zero-defect high performance
  • Meet levels of excellence in product, service, environment, and atmosphere quality so that you are recognized as a competitive excellence leader in your market.

  • 2.  Group and custom consulting and training to achieve mastery in:
  • TQM system
  • HACCP-based food QA programs
  • HACCP-based employee and customer injury prevention
  • HACCP-based kitchen design and equipment performance analysis
  • Satisfying and nutritious menus
  • Service excellence
  • Employee participation and team building
  • Kitchen management
  • Chilled food system
  • Manager leadership.

  • 3.  Consulting to develop QA departments and total QA programs.
    4.  Certification of HACCP-based food safety programs and unit QA programs.
    5.  Help in implementing the latest knowledge in the science and technology of food, such as sous vide.
    6.  Certification of suppliers who can guarantee the safety of their food, performance of equipment, and quality of services.
    7.  Development of new equipment for improved food handling performance.
    8.  Incorporation of nutrition into the menu for the 21st century.
    9.  Development of a new food recipe process and ingredients for improved customer satisfaction, food quality, safety, and productivity.
    We make FOOD SAFETY a profitable investment.