Item Number
Educational Products
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Cost, US
2902 Technology of HACCP-based, Chilled Food Production Systems
(course / text with accompanying Microbiological HACCP Database)
HITM course (contact HITM)
1901 Developing and Implementing HACCP-based Retail food Operations
(course / text with accompanying policies, procedures, and standards manual)
HITM course (contact HITM)
1908 Managing Food Hazards in Retail Food operations (manager certification) [*contact HITM for prepayment discount option]
(course / text / PowerPoint slide CD with text purchase)
HITM course (contact HITM)
PowerPoint CD with text
1904 Establishing HACCP in Retail Food Operations (manager recertification) [*contact HITM for prepayment discount option]
HITM course (contact HITM)
0091 Employee Food Hazard Control in Retail Food Operations
(Specify English or Spanish.)
text with test, answer sheet
0901 Preparing Food Safely in Retail Food Operations
(text / PowerPoint slide CD with text purchase)
25 or more
PowerPoint CD with text
0905 Employee Food Safety: A Self-Instruction Text (text)
EPC Employee pocket card  (Specify English or Spanish.)
pack of 10 cards
Food Safety Hazards and Controls for the Home Food Preparer
(booklet; teaches the home food preparer how to use HACCP in the home kitchen)

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Hand Washing Products
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SHW A “Safe Hands” Hand Wash Program for Retail Food Operations (Specify English video tape, English-Spanish video tape, or English-Spanish DVD)
(complete program and supplies, to include “Glo-Germ”kit with UV light and fluorscent mixture for testing fingertips)
HWV Safe hand washing video tape or DVD  (Specify English video tape, English-Spanish video tape, or English-Spanish DVD)
FNB Fingernail brush (soft-bristled Anchor brush that gives 1,000-to-1 reduction of bacteria on fingertips)
gross (144) lot price
HWP Laminated hand washing poster (for mounting over the sink to show how to get 1,000,000-to-1 reduction of bacteria on fingertips)
Specify English or Spanish
FNB-HLD Sturdy stainless steel brush holder holds 12 fingernail brushes for convenient storage by the hand sink; can be sanitized in the dish machine

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Temperature Measurement Products
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PDT300 Thermistor pocket thermometer, 1.6 mm tip, pen-type design, 6-second response time.
25 or more, each
Thermocouple thermometer with fast readings; probe can be angled
KM28B Thermocouple thermometer with very fast readings; sold with protective boot and ATT65 thin-tipped needle probe
C28  Thermocouple thermometer with built-in protective boot; sold with or without ATT65 thin-tipped needle probe
each, without probe
each, with probe
ATT65 Type K thin-tipped probe; sold with KM28B and optional with C28
DualLogR Thermocouple dual temperature logger; logs up to 1,000 sets of readings in real time
HH41 Thermistor thermometer, ultra-high accuracy; sold with tubular thermistor probe each $750.00
FT-100 Vacuum bag thermocouple and RTD feed-through
each set
TEMPG Laminated temperature guide with critical control point tempratures from -40 to +250F

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Microbiological Testing
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MICKIT Surface contamination microbiological sampling kit (includes enough PetrifilmTM, letheen broth, pipettes, and swabs for 50 tests)

Other Testing Materials
Click on the following items for pricing and description of sanitizer test papers and titration kits and pH strips and meter.  You may use the order blank to order.
HITM can special order a wide variety of thermometers and other testing materials not shown above.

Special Services
Cost US
O.Peter Snyder, Jr., Ph.D., HACCP consulting:

  • Implement retail and processing HACCP programs
  • Write retail and processing HACCP manuals
  • Conduct HACCP audits of retail and processing facilities as your National Process Authority

$250 / hour or $2,000 / day,
plus all travel expenses
where applicable


Nutrition facts label, ingredient statement, analysis
$35 / hour