1. Accountability:  Objectives and Goals
Continuity of Operations
Continuity of Systems (resources and funding)
Continuity of Organizations
Company Expectations (vision or master plan)
Quality Process
Control of Exceptions
Alternative Methods (performance vs. specification)
Management Accessibility

2. Process Knowledge and Documentation
Process Definition and Design Criteria
Process and Equipment Design
Company Memory (management information)
Documentation of Risk Management Decisions
Protective Systems
Normal and Upset Conditions
Chemical and Occupational Health Hazards

3. Capital Project Review and Design Procedures (for new or existing plants, expansions, and acquisitions)
Appropriation Request Procedures
Risk Assessment for Investment Purposes
Hazards Review (including worst credible cases)
Siting (relative to risk management)
Plot Plan
Process Design and Review Procedures
Project Management Procedures

4. Process Risk Management
Hazard Identification
Risk Assessment of Existing Operations
Reduction of Risk
Residual Risk management (in-plant emergency response and mitigation)
Process Management during Emergencies
Encouraging Client and Supplier Companies to Adopt Similar Risk management Practices
Selection of Businesses with Acceptable Risks

5. Management of Change
Change of Technology
Change of Facility
Organizational Changes That May Have an Impact on Process Safety
Variance Procedures
Temporary Changes
Permanent Changes

6. Process and Equipment Integrity
Reliability Engineering
Materials of Construction
Fabrication and Inspection Procedures
Installation Procedures
Preventive Maintenance
Process, Hardware, and Systems Inspections and Testing (pre-startup safety review)
Maintenance Procedures
Alarm and Instrument Management
Demolition Procedures

7. Human Factors
Human Error Assessment
Operator / Process and Equipment Interfaces
Administrative Controls vs. Hardware

8. Training and Performance
Definition of Skills and Knowledge
Training Programs (e.g., new employees, contractors, technical employees)
Design of Operating and Maintenance Procedures
Initial Qualification Assessment
Ongoing Performance and Refresher Training
Instructor Program
Records Management

9. Incident Investigation
Major Incidents
Near-miss Reporting
Follow-up and Resolution
Incident Recording
Third-party Participation as Needed

10. Standards, Codes, and Laws
Internal Standards, Guidelines, and Practices (past history, flexible performance standards, amendments, and upgrades)
External Standards, Guidelines, and Practices

11. Audits and Corrective Actions
Process Safety Audits and Compliance Reviews
Resolutions and Close-out Procedures

12. Enhancement of Process Safety Knowledge
Internal and External Research
Improved Predictive Systems
Process Safety Reference Library