The following listing shows categories of topics about which people frequently have questions.
Each category lists the articles on the HITM website that pertain to it.

Hand washing
Surface sanitizing
HACCP development / start-up

Hand washing
1.  A "Safe Hands" hand wash program for retail food operations
2.  Why gloves are not the solution to the fingertip washing problem
3.  Double hand washing with a fingernail brush
4.  A "Safe Hands" hand wash program for retail food operations: A technical review
5. Hand washing (list of abstracts / references)

1.  What every consumer needs to know about food thermometers
2.  Bimetallic coil thermometer: Unsatisfactory for measuring food temperatures
3.  The dangerous bimetallic coil thermometer
4.  Three thermometers

1.  The basics of cooling food
2.  Cooling food in 6 hours in NSF refrigeration units
3.  Precooling hot food using kitchen-temperature air

Surface sanitizing
1.  The reduction of E. coli on various countertop surfaces
2.  How effective and necessary are sanitizing solutions in retail food operations?
3.  The microbiology of cleaning and sanitizing a cutting board
4.  Food contact surface sanitizing (list of abstracts / references)

HACCP development / start-up
1.  Development and documentation of hazard identification and control procedures for retail food operations
2.  Retail food operations HACCP-TQM technical guidelines
3.  Process performance standards (Retail food process controls that assure hazards are at a tolerable level)
4.  Retail food operations policies, procedures, and standards manual
5. HACCP-TQM food manufacturing operations manual
6.  Modification of NACMCF HACCP with risk management to retail food HACCP-TQM