A. Area around facility or grounds
B. Pest control and materials used

A.  Area around facility or grounds. This area, including waste storage, shall be litter free, and cleaned and maintained on an adequately scheduled basis.  The grounds shall be kept in a condition that will protect against food contamination.
          1. Equipment shall be properly stored.
          2. Litter and waste shall be removed, and grass and weeds shall be cut within the immediate vicinity of the buildings / structures to prevent breeding / harborage of pests.
          3. Roads, yards, and parking lots shall be maintained so as to not constitute a source of contamination to exposed food.
          4. If neighboring grounds are not under the operator's control and not maintained as above, the plant will be inspected and extermination / other means shall be taken to exclude pests, dirt, and filth that could contaminate food.
          5. There shall be defined entry points for goods and people.

B.  Pest control and materials used. The interior and exterior of the building shall be litter-free and maintained according to the cleaning schedule.  Outside doors shall be self-closing and shall fit tightly.
         The pest control program shall be followed on a continuing basis.  (See Section IX, encl. 1.)  Open poison bait stations shall not be used.  Rodents shall be trapped in a manner that allows proper disposal.  A record shall be kept of the number of rodents caught.
        All facilities will maintain a certified pest control operator who meets state regulations.  The facility shall also maintain a monthly report and Material Safety Data Sheet as pertains to PCO chemicals and services rendered.
        All managers / PICs will have knowledge regarding the location and maintenance of bait stations / traps.

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