Curriculum Vitae


· To assist the hospitality industry and government personnel worldwide in reaching their full career potentials by providing challenging food technology and management education at all stages of their careers.
· To assist food companies in identifying their strengths and weaknesses; then, to help them implement HACCP-based Total Quality Management programs that strive to achieve zero-defect food safety, customer competitive satisfaction, and productivity by enabling employees to do all tasks correctly the first time, while constantly finding ways to improve processes and reduce costs.

1982 to present: President of the Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management (HITM), a company that assists hospitality companies and professionals in utilizing new research technology and management systems for improved performance.

I have helped the following companies with HACCP-based Total Quality Management programs, for which I wrote complete food safety policies, procedures, and standards manuals to control food processes..
· Major national foodservice companies (Denny’s)
· International hotel corporation (Marriott)
· Oriental restaurant chain (Leeann Chin)
· Up-scale supermarket chain (Lunds)
· School foodservice (South Washington County, MN; Rochester, MN)
· International foodservice equipment company (Cleveland Range)
· National fast food chain (White Castle)
· Hospital and corporate office foodservices (Kaiser-Permanenta; New York Office of Mental Health Cook-Chill Production Center)
· Numerous restaurants and hotels (Lido Italian Market Bar and Café, Biaggi’s, Houston’s)
· Suppliers (Bergin Fruit & Nut)

I have provided expert legal consulting.
· Cases associated with Escherichia coli O157:H7, Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella, Listeria monocytogenes growth on spoiled meat and poultry
· Cases associated with supermarket fraud and safety
· Injury to customers in restaurants (e.g., scalding from hot beverages)
· Illness caused by food in restaurants (Escherichia coli O157:H7, hepatitis A)
· Cases associated with unsafe food preparation (e.g., washing food such as parsley, correct hamburger cooking, hot holding)
· Customer / employee sabotage

I have specialized in helping thousands of people expand their career capabilities with beginning to advanced food and management education. My courses and educational materials include the following.
· Technology of HACCP-based, Chilled Food Production Systems
· Developing and Implementing HACCP-based Retail Food Operations
· HACCP Kitchen Design and Safe Performance Assurance Plan Review* Managing Food Hazards in Retail Food Operations (Certification)
· Establishing HACCP in Retail Food Operations (Recertification)
· Preparing Food Safely in Retail Food Operations* Model HACCP-Based Policies, Procedures, and Standards Manual
· Safe Hand Washing 14-minute video tape and educational materials, poster
· Foodservice Occupational Safety Management Certification
· Nutrition for Commercial Recipe Design* Microbiological HACCP Database
· Responsible Beverage Management
· Principles of Excellent Table Service for Employees
· Kitchen Management Computer-Based Systems
· Performance Assurance Management Team Systems
· Employee Development through Performance Appraisal and Counseling
· Employee Team Management and Coaching
· Manager Leadership
· Employee Food Safety: A Self-Instruction Text
· Employee Food Hazard Control in Retail Food Operations
· Food safety hazards and controls for the home food preparer

Research projects that I have completed include the following.
· Development of a modified atmosphere packed hard-boiled egg product with an extended chilled shelf life
· Development of vacuum-packed, microwave-pasteurized, chopped eggs with extended chilled shelf life
· The process for pasteurized antipasto and salsa products for retail food market distribution
· Quality- and hazard-controlled turkey cooking procedures for a national cookbook
· Development of high-volume (³100 gallons) recipes for pasteurized chilled food systems
· The process for pasteurized children’s meals with extended chilled shelf life for microwave reheating
· The process for frozen fresh pizza dough
· Determining the accuracy of commercial endpoint cooking indicators for roast beef
· Influence of cooling rate on the outgrowth of Clostridium perfringens spores in cooked ground beef
· Growth potential of Bacillus cereus and Clostridium botulinum spores and vegetative cells of Staphylococcus aureusListeria monocytogenes, and Salmonella in cooked ground beef during cooling
· Cooling food in two-inch and four-inch pans in a commercial walk-in refrigerator
· The microbiology of cleaning and sanitizing a cutting board
· The microbiology of dishcloths in the home kitchen
· The microbiology of food market salad and salad bar items
· HACCP-based fingertip rinse procedure
· Validation of a HACCP recipe for rapid cooling of cheese sauce
· Comparison of the bimetallic coil thermometer and thermocouple for validating food cooling
· Application of HACCP in retail food production operations

I have served as an expert panelist for the European Commission.
April 11-15, 2005. To review, evaluate, and recommend proposals for studying the issue of improving consumer eating-out habits and developing strategies for better food quality and safety, and increasing consumer acceptance of “healthy” meals.

1974 to 1982: Associate Professor, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota, Hospitality and Food Service Management and Extension Specialist with joint appointment to the Department of Food Science and Nutrition and Agricultural Extension Service.

Research projects that I completed include the following.
· Determining the energy efficiency of food cooking with microwave combined with conventional cooking vs. conventional cooking alone
· Development of new engineering techniques to chill foods rapidly
· Development of a miniaturized microbiological system for quickly determining food ionizing radiation doses
· Development of commercial food processes using a 60,000-watt microwave tunnel
· Determining the cooking efficiency of 20 models of gas and electric commercial cooking equipment

Courses that I developed and taught include the following.
· HACCP-Based Food Safety for Minnesota Restaurants
· The Technology of International Cuisine
· Basic and Advanced Kitchen Design
· Total Quality Management in Foodservice Operations
· Basic and Advanced Foodservice Computer Program Development
· Management Systems for Foodservice Operations
· Foodservice Financial Management

 1952 to 1974: Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army. Service included command positions up to battalion commander. Overseas assignments included Germany, Korea, and a one-year combat tour in Vietnam.

 My accomplishments during this career include the following.
· Six years in food ionizing research developing sterilized food products
· Tested the use of the synergistic effects of microwaves and ionizing radiation
· Development of a cryogenic food cooling system
· Design and development of a self-contained, all electric mobile field 6,000-watt microwave kitchen and bakery
· Development of irradiation process test procedures using Clostridium botulinum
· As Dean of a School of Management Information Systems, developed extensive programmed and computer-aided instruction programs
· Conducted extensive courses in computer-based management information systems
· Directed the design and development of a central food preparation facilities concept to replace all dining facilities in the military

University of Denver:  B.S.  1948-1952
     Hotel Restaurant Management
Massachusetts Institute of Technology:  M.S.  1957-1959
     Food Science and Nutrition
University of Massachusetts:  Ph.D.  1967-1969
     Food Science and Technology

· Society for Foodservice Systems:  President
    This international society helps its members better understand foodservice as a management and technical system with quality assurance cycles.·
· Journal of Foodservice Systems / Foodservice Research International:  Editorial Board ·
· Institute of Food Technologists, Foodservice Division Newsletter:  Editor·
· QA Report:  Editor
· The Food Safety Professional:  Editorial Board
· International Association of Milk, Food and Environmental Sanitarians, Inc. / International Association for Food Protection·
· National Restaurant Association·
· American Society for Microbiology·
· American Society for Quality Control·
· National Environmental Health Association

· AWARD:  2006 NSF Food Safety leadership Award for Liftime Achievement in Food Safety Education