It has been estimated that there are about 76 million foodborne illnesses each year in America, resulting in 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths.  Government statistics indicate that at least 25 percent of these illnesses are due to improper hand washing.  These illnesses cost billions of dollars in medical charges, lost wages, lost business, lawyers’ fees, and legal claims, and can lead to long-term debilitating illnesses.  To avoid causing foodborne illnesses, good personal hygiene practices, particularly when handling food must be followed and maintained.

Hand Washing and Food Safety
A part of any effective food safety program must include correct, safe hand washing performed by employees as they handle and prepare food.  Employees must be taught to know why hand washing is critical to food safety and how and when to wash their hands and fingertips to reduce the pathogenic bacteria found particularly underneath the fingernails.

HITM’s Hand Wash Poster
HITM’s safe hand washing poster shows the HITM eight-step, double hand and fingertip washing procedure that utilizes a fingernail brush on the first wash.

You can post one of these 81/2″ by 11″ multi-colored posters over every hand sink.  This way, your employees will always be reminded of the correct procedure for reducing pathogenic bacteria on the hands, fingertips, and underneath the fingernails.  You can purchase laminated posters in English or Spanish from HITM. 

$3.75 each