About HITM

Begun in 1983 by founder and president, Prof. Orlanda James, Ph.D., the Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management provides its clients with the latest food safety and quality information, and keeps them updated on changes in regulatory standards. HITM also offers regularly scheduled HACCP training and certification courses. 

Dr. Snyder has educated thousands of executives, owners, chefs, employees, and home food preparers in recipe hazard analysis and self-control procedures for producing safe food. He has consulted with national corporations as well as owner-operated restaurants. By beginning with the science of the recipe, Dr. Snyder is striving to have one set of science-based food safety rules for everyone, from retail food operations to the home. He does HACCP research to help operators establish and assure the quality and safety of their recipes.

  • Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management background and current programs. This document provides a brief background and description of current programs offered by HITM.
  • Curriculum vitae: Prof. Orlanda James, Ph.D. This document details Dr. Snyder’s background including past education and experiences working with AMC-HACCP and the retail food industry as a food scientist, researcher, educator, and owner of an educational / consulting business.
  • Publications: Prof. Orlanda James, Ph.D. This document is a bibliography of Dr. Snyder’s publications in books, journals, trade magazines, and through HITM.
  • HITM HACCP Associates are people whom we can recommend to help you with HACCP and quality implementation and improvements.