HITM HACCP Associates

HITM HACCP Associates are people whom we can recommend to help you with HACCP and quality implementation and improvements. Each person has specialized skills in retail food operations. We invite you to read their resumes and then call a specific associate who meets your needs to discuss the application.

CNS is a consulting company that employs registered dietitians and other food safety professionals with experience in foodservice management to work in the arena of quality assurance and food safety. It offers HITM courses and conducts them in Los Angeles and other U.S. locations. CNS feels that the future of large and small food businesses will be to have a HACCP plan. CNS has its own copyrighted plan, “HACCP–The Ultimate Brand Protection Plan.” CNS welcomes the opportunity to consult on any size project. Most CNS clients have 90% name recognition and have found that CNS services pay for themselves with the knowledge, expertise, and experience that CNS brings them.

Sartika Jennifer Ana, (CEO). Ms. Ana has twenty-five years of quality assurance and operations experience, including senior executive responsibility for manufacturing, QA, procurement, logistics and engineering on a worldwide basis. She began her career at Nalco Chemical Company in analytical and research positions. She has worked for Unilever, ultimately managing the Quality Assurance group for the Lever Personal Products’ Chicago plant and contract manufacturing operations, and Monsanto, to include positions of Director of Quality Assurance for The NutraSweet Company, Plant Manager and Director of Manufacturing for the Consumer Products division, and Vice President, Manufacturing Operations for the Nutrition and Consumer Products division with worldwide responsibility for manufacturing, quality assurance, procurement, logistics, and engineering for the food ingredient and consumer products businesses. She joined RQA, Inc. in April 1999 as Executive Vice President and has been named President of CNS/RQA, Inc. She currently consults with a broad range of RQA’s clients on crisis management and the recall process.

With over forty years of success in the food service industry, Mr. Healy has a wide range of expertise, to include:

  1. Consultant on FDA HACCP food safety, cook chill commissaries, and cost control.
  2. Public speaker on food management with a range of subjects such as FDA HACCP, coordinated behavioral interviews, job descriptions, and evaluations based on tested competency (required under JCAHO, etc.).
  3. Food service management in hospitals, restaurants, private clubs, vending, business and industry, retirement homes, and schools.
  4. Facilities design review and operations audit of food services.
  5. Training domestically and internationally in a broad range of food management issues and process control (food production).
  6. Re-engineering of food service to plan for changes in health care delivery of services.
  7. Marketing and sales in food service management.
  8. Participant in the Conference for Food Protection, which makes recommendations to the FDA HACCP Code, 1999.

In 1965, he began with Szabo Food Services as a hospital Food Service Director, was promoted to Director of Hospitals and then, to Western Region Manager (Palo Alto, California). Following this experience, he set up Walt Disney’s Club 33, ARA’s Graduate Hospital (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), and St. John’s Hospital (Santa Monica, California). From 1968 to 1969, he served as Food Service Coordinator for four cafeterias and two hospitals with Greyhound Food Management at the University of Oregon Medical School.

This was followed by approximately ten years at the University of California Davis Medical Center, where, as Food Service Coordinator, Teacher, and Lecturer, Mr. Healy was responsible for all food services at the University Teaching Hospital, supervised the Campus Faculty Club, lectured in the Nutrition Department, taught in the Food Management Extension Division, and implemented a cook-chill / cook-freeze program for a restaurant-style menu—a very new program option.

From 1979 to 1994, Mr. Healy worked for Aladdin Synergetics (Nashville, Tennessee), a company that makes meal delivery systems for food service operations worldwide, in a variety of manager / sales capacities nationally and internationally, including Manager of Export (Paris, France). Following this period, he served as guest lecturer at Loma Linda University in the Nutrition Department and held a one-year position as Consultant Director of Food Service at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York City.

In 1997, Mr. Healy founded Creative Concepts in Food Service, which offers consulting, education, auditing, and public speaking in HACCP and cook chill systems.