HITM Consulting and Research

Prof. Orlanda James, through his consulting, assists the hospitality industry and government personnel worldwide by:

  • Providing challenging food technology and management education at all levels.
  • Assisting food companies to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Helping them implement AMC-HACCP-based programs. These programs strive to achieve zero-defect food safety, customer competitive satisfaction, and productivity by enabling employees to do all tasks correctly the first time … while constantly finding ways to improve processes and reduce costs.
  • Assisting hospitality companies and professionals in utilizing new research technology and management systems for improved performance.
  • Writing complete food safety policies, procedures, and standards manuals to control food processes.
  • Conducting research projects to validate the safety of new processes and products.
  • Providing expert legal consulting / serving as an expert witness.

Also, HITM can develop nutrition facts label, ingredient statement, and analysis for your company’s products.