Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance (RFA)

Wholesale & Retail food industry excellence worldwide
by self-regulation through validated HACCP systems

Dr. Snyder formed the Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance years ago but it is only since 2001 that it has been become more prominent and a source of training and products.

Purpose and Goals

The Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance is a group of individuals dedicated to helping bring HACCP into both retail and wholesale food operations. Our training programs provide added value and are written by different individuals that have experience in the kitchen, science, and web and technical writing. Most people do not know that the simple restaurant is the most difficult to HACCP. This is because in that simple “from scratch” restaurant are found most of all of the processes being used in wholesale operations. The processes and hazards are basically the same, many times exactly the same. The only things that change are the scale, equipment and process modifications. Throughout the industry this basic concept is not seen so simply. We attempt to expand your paradigms through our training.

Training, Science and Better Standards

We have formed a group to set up access to online training, food safety products and certification programs that always keep in mind that retail food services are using most of the processes. Now, you can see where your operation fits into the big picture. We are also developing a database of HACCP plans with sound HACCP principles, including Active Managerial Control (AMC) and Proper Handwashing using the proper surgeon’s brush to clean your hands.

Dr. Snyder has a very different approach to HACCP training. He first brings you up to date with the science and then he helps simplify HACCP by showing how to HACCP a restaurant. After taking the class, most individuals have a new respect for wholesale, retail and home operations. This can lead to a safer approach to food preparation because you will be able to recognize food being prepared unsafely.

Each of us needs to know that the food we process and use should have a sound HACCP plan in back of it. Our goal is to help you learn each process so well that each will meet or exceed food safety regulations and standards.

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